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GOOD news :  5th batch of  the X62 (we called it X63) WAS  OK.

we will ship it asap .


3RD Batch of the X210 ,it was completed form  the factory.

We will ship the machine one by one . thank you ,every one !

thank you for support us!





3RD X210 mainboard :I7-8550U/I5-8250U

12.6 inch 2880X1920 IPS screen

we will mod the laptop with 12.6 inch 2880X1920 IPS .

pls waiting us!




Cnmod Company Ltd.,

(Product list: what we are  selling: X210/X330/X320/T70/X62 )


year in 2018:

X210 ,based on Thinkpad  X201/X200/X200S/X201S  ,upgrade the CHIP to GEN  8th intel CHIP, I5-8250U and I7-8550U ,Screen mod to : 12.2 inch 1920X1200 IPS 


year : 2014-2017

T70,based on T60/T60P/T61 ,upgrade the CHIP to GEN  7th intel CHIP, I5-7300HQ and I7-7820HQ .

X62 ,based on X60/X61/X60S/X61S, upgrade the chip to gen 5th intel chip ,i5-5200u and i7-5500U,I7-5600U. screen mod to : 12.1 inch 1400X1050 AFFS(IPS) 

T50,based on T40/T41/T42/T43,upgrade the chip to GEN  1ST intel CHIP. 


year: 2014-2018

X230/x220: mod the screen to 12.5 inch 2560X1440 2K IPS,or 13.3 inch 1920X1200 IPS.

T430s/T420S/T430/T420,upgrade to 1920×1080  IPS screen .



Thinkpad X201/X200 ,upgrade to 1280X800 ,LED AFFS screen 



Thinkpad T43P —–upgrade to QXGA IPS screen 

Thinkpad X60/X61 ,upgrade to 1400X1050 AFFS  IPS screen



Thinkpad T21/T22/T23 :upgrade to 1400×1050  screen 



This is website is Cnmod Company LTD.,  We are doing the  professional modified ThinkPad, Classic ThinkPad Modifications, upgrades.

We has successfully modified the motherboard has: T50,T70, X62,X210.

And  upgraded screen with x230/x220/x61/t60p and so on !

There are thousands of ThinkPad FANS from all over the world who buy our products.

My Facebook is :http:// www.facebook.com/lcdfans .


We’re collecting the 3rd batch of orders,right now!Please look here: http://www.cnmod.cn/x210