0806-2020: In Stock ,X210 / X62 / X63 

X210 ,mod to the 13 inch 3000X2000 IPS screen. here have some picture



—————–Update NEWS:

GOOD news:    X2100  ,we will begin to mod it . (5-25-2020)

Look here :


In Stock:

We have some laptops for sell ,we can ship them in one week.

1:X210 ,I5-8250u,12.6 inch 2880X1920 IPS。—-two numbers left . look here for the Detailed information。

2:X210,I7-8550U,12.6 inch 2880X1920 IPS。 two numbers left , look here for the Detailed information。

3: X63,I5-5200du ,ALL new 1400×1050 AFFS (IPS) screen .all new keyboard . 2 numbers  left  .

4: X62 ,I5-5500U ,ALL new 1400×1050 AFFS (IPS) screen .all new keyboard . 1 numbers  left  .

—————————-Update NEWS:

Dear friends:

Because  the COVID-19 in China, we can not work ,and we was blocked in home ,we can not go anywhere  .

Please wait some days ,I think the

COVID-19 will go away in 3-2020 . 




THE X2100 mainboard ,test version is OK , here have some pictures :

Please look here:

X210- Review


28-10-2019 :

I’m so sorry ,I can not login on the facebook for long time ,I have tried many ways to login  ,but much more VPN can not work in last month and now …..

So ,I can not  update the information for my facebook . I’m so sorry . 

Now ,I update the information in here . I hope the buyers can find this .

8-10-2019 :NEWS: The 4th batch of the x210 will be change the cpu to : i7-10510u .the 10th gen intel chip .

1: ADD the (USB-C) type-C (support the 4K out ) .

2: support  MAX 64GB RAM

3: ADD USB3.0X2

4th batch :

“10th gen intel chips. i7-10510u

LED IPs WUXGA screen.1920×1200 ./12.6 inch 2880X1920 3:2 SCREEN .

Usb 3.0×2 /usb2.0x1/ midpx1/ USB-C(TYPE-C) X1

Nvme m.2 x1 /mini pcie x2(MSATA X1) 

USIM slot x1“WWAN CARD reday” (with MINI PCIe)

Ram: slot x2: DDR 4 2400 ,MAX 64GB

2.5inch SATA X1”


Update NEWS:


4TH batch of the X210 ,we are selling it now . 

Same as the 3rd batch ,but the CPU will change to I7-8650U .

if you want it ,pls contact me

We’re collecting the 4rd batch of orders,right now!Please look here:




GOOD news :  5th batch of  the X62 (we called it X63) WAS  OK.

we will ship it asap .


3RD Batch of the X210 ,it was completed form  the factory.

We will ship the machine one by one . thank you ,every one !

thank you for support us!






3RD X210 mainboard :I7-8550U/I5-8250U

12.6 inch 2880X1920 IPS screen

we will mod the laptop with 12.6 inch 2880X1920 IPS .

pls waiting us!



Cnmod Company Ltd.,

(Product list: what we are  selling: X210/X330/X320/T70/X62 )


year in 2018:

X210 ,based on Thinkpad  X201/X200/X200S/X201S  ,upgrade the CHIP to GEN  8th intel CHIP, I5-8250U and I7-8550U ,Screen mod to : 12.2 inch 1920X1200 IPS 


year : 2014-2017

T70,based on T60/T60P/T61 ,upgrade the CHIP to GEN  7th intel CHIP, I5-7300HQ and I7-7820HQ .

X62 ,based on X60/X61/X60S/X61S, upgrade the chip to gen 5th intel chip ,i5-5200u and i7-5500U,I7-5600U. screen mod to : 12.1 inch 1400X1050 AFFS(IPS) 

T50,based on T40/T41/T42/T43,upgrade the chip to GEN  1ST intel CHIP. 


year: 2014-2018

X230/x220: mod the screen to 12.5 inch 2560X1440 2K IPS,or 13.3 inch 1920X1200 IPS.

T430s/T420S/T430/T420,upgrade to 1920×1080  IPS screen .



Thinkpad X201/X200 ,upgrade to 1280X800 ,LED AFFS screen 



Thinkpad T43P —–upgrade to QXGA IPS screen 

Thinkpad X60/X61 ,upgrade to 1400X1050 AFFS  IPS screen



Thinkpad T21/T22/T23 :upgrade to 1400×1050  screen 


This is website is Cnmod Company LTD.,  We are doing the  professional modified ThinkPad, Classic ThinkPad Modifications, upgrades.

We has successfully modified the motherboard has: T50,T70, X62,X210.

And  upgraded screen with x230/x220/x61/t60p and so on !

There are thousands of ThinkPad FANS from all over the world who buy our products.

My Facebook is :http:// .


We’re collecting the 4rd batch of orders,right now!Please look here:

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