Shipping information

Shipping Information

This page will update some information about shipping .

NOTE : because the COVOD-19, some country can not ship this month (from 2-2020–5-2020) . I will keep update in this page . Thank you !

In the near plan:

Choi 4-06-2022 6078995873XX (shipped)

Vincent Batts. 03-17-2022. USA. DHL 53878136XX. (shipped)

Akihiro Sakaue 03-17-2022 JAPAN. JNTCU79000504XXYQ(shipped)

ADAM. 1-25-2022 USA. DHL :53870047xx (shipped)


Andrew Nicholls 11-01-2021 DHL /SHIPPED

Hendrik Richter 11-01-2021 FEDEX /SHIPPED

William Currano /Jp. 2021-10-08/shipped

Sam Stoppi /USA. 2021-09-22/shipped

Radomír Polách /CZ 2021-09-17/shipped

Akihiro SAKAUE /JP/2021-09-06 /shipped

Sebastian Makowiecki/2021-08-23 /shipped

ben boyle/ CA /2021-08-19 /shipped

Jay Wilfred Ocampo /2021-08-16 /shipped

Hans Duedal shipped shipped 11-15-2020

Sriharsha Chintalapani shipped 11-05-2020

Hans Duedal shipped 10-19-2020

Ryan Ziffer. shipped. 10-14 -2020

Saeki Akitoshi. shipped. 10-19-2020

David Teitlebaum shipped 10-31-2020

Tristram Oaten. shipped 10-31-2020

Richard JIN shipped 10-14-2020


Dens T :shipped

Stanley L: shipped

JULIO O: shipped

ALEX : X2100


Igor :x210


Hans d: x2100

Joshua Wise :X2100

shipped yet. 8-14-2020

 John White: X2100

shipped yet 8-14-2020

Nikko Hayden

shipped yet,8-13-2020

LGD ,x2100

shipped yet (8-12-2020)

Denes Turei

shipped yet (8-8-2020)

Stefan Schmidt. X2100

shipped yet

:Ben Boyle


Hans sjokvist –x2100

shipped yet


1:Panagiotis Manoleas ( lcd cable)

shipped by DHL

2:Jun Young Choi. (x62+ x210)


shipped by DHL

4:Karl Ramm (USA X2100)

5:Sui Chen (USA)

shipped (BY DHL)

6: Joaquin Villarreal. (3rd mainboard).—–5-20–2020. (USA)

SHIPPED: DHL–2020-0521

7: Phillip earles (3RD X210 laptop )-5-20–2020 (USA)

SHIPPED DHL 20200529