X1 Carbon 2018 DIY

Now ,the 11th in chip was published ,and the Lenovo have produce the X1 Carbon GEN 9 .

BUT ,much more peoples don’t like the GEN9 ,some people like the 6th X1 carbon ,because it can 『Modification』。


1: WIFI Card ,can be replaced to :ax201 /ax200 /bcm94360/94352

2: LTE CARD ,you can add it buy yourself

3: it can be installed 2 numbers of the SSD .MAX 2T+1T

4: 4K or 2K IPS display Modification

5: OSX ,—-Hackintosh,some people very like Hackintosh about X1C 2018 . —–Perfect!

So ,we mod the all new X1C 2018 for some buyers .

Look the pictures: